Scope of Services as Owner's Representative

The following is a comprehensive list of services to be provided by Steel City Services, LLC (SCS), as Basic Services. These basic services will be performed as necessitated during the Pre-Design Phase, Design Phase, Bid and Award Phase, Construction Phase and Post Construction Phase.

Design Consultant Orientation

SCS will conduct a Design Consultant orientation session in which all project parameters such as schedule and design requirements, program requirements, site conditions, and other physical and Owner administrative constraints will be made known to the Design Consultant.

List of Critical Dates

SCS will develop a List of Critical Dates for the design phase. This list of Critical Dates will indicate various activities which are critical for success of the overall schedule during the design phase, the last acceptable date for a task to be completed and the party responsible for accomplishing the task. This document will be for SCS to monitor the progress of the design phase.

Project Budget

SCS will review the Program of Requirements, site constraints, the Owner’s schedule goals, and budget data in existence and develop the project budget based on this data.  SCS will make a report on the budget to the Owner indicating shortfalls or surpluses in the budget and recommendations for cost reductions or revisions to the program requirements if necessary.

Management Information System

SCS will become knowledgeable of the Owner’s reporting requirements and needs, will interview the Owner’s key personnel, and in conjunction with the Owner, will determine the type of information required and needed by the Owner, the reporting format, the frequency of various reports, and the distribution requirements of same for the Program.

Design Phase Coordination

SCS will serve as the Owner’s Representative in coordination of the design team’s activities and will provide leadership with respect to the implementation of design phase procedures by all parties involved in the Project.

Design Progress Meetings

SCS will conduct design progress meetings with the Owner, Design Consultants, and others. These meetings will serve as a forum for the exchange of information and resolution of design decisions, and will be a point where design progress is reviewed and noted.

Design Review

SCS shall review the in-progress design documents for adherence to the Program of Requirements. This review will be provided at the Schematic Design Phase and all subsequent design phases.

Project Estimate

SCS will assist the Owner in procuring an estimating agency, if an estimate beyond that prepared by the Design Consultant is required. The selected agency and Owner will enter into a contract for the preparation of an estimate at each design phase.

Cost Monitoring

SCS will monitor the cost of the design in each phase. SCS will maintain dialogue with the Design Consultant and provide cost information at the project meetings and on an as needed basis.

Generate Bidder Interest

SCS will maintain contact with potential bidders on a regular basis throughout the bid period. This includes major subcontractors and suppliers as well as General Contractors. A telephone campaign will be conducted to stimulate and maintain interest in bidding of the project. SCS will develop and monitor minority participation programs.

Bid Evaluation

Upon receipt of bids, SCS will assist the Owner in the bid opening, evaluate the bids for completeness, full responsiveness and price, including alternate prices and unit prices, and will make a formal recommendation to the Owner in regard to the award of contract.

Construction Progress Review

SCS, in addition to the Design Consultant, will review and monitor the progress of construction with the Contractor, observe work in place and properly stored materials on a monthly basis, and evaluate the percentage complete of each construction activity as indicated in the construction schedule.

Monthly Construction Payment

SCS will review and make recommendations pertaining to monthly payments to each Contractor.

Evaluate Proposal Cost

SCS will evaluate the Contractor’s proposal cost and will make a formal recommendation to the Owner regarding acceptance of the proposal for Change Order.

Final Completion

SCS, in conjunction with the Design Consultant, will at the conclusion of all corrective action of all punch list items, make a final comprehensive review of the Project, make a report to the Owner which will indicate whether SCS and the Design Consultant find the work performed acceptable under the contract documents and the relevant project data, and make recommendations as to the final payment to the Contractor.